holy flamingo nails, batman!

{ periwinkle rainbows }

Hello tumblr! Sorry I’ve been a bit awol recently, have been busy with things other than my nails! (Shocking, I know.) However, it is my birthday tomorrow (woo woo!), and I have many pretty polishes winging their way towards me, so hopefully I’ll have a waterfall of manicures to pop up soon!

Anyway, quite some time ago I got a polish called Bluebell by Nails Inc in an InStyle magazine. I do love it when Nails Inc do their magazine polishes; like hell I’m playing £11 a bottle for them normally, I’ll just get whatever shades you put out there for £3-ish instead. Thanks.

I digress. Bluebell is a lovely periwinkle pastel blue, and is one of those colours that always makes my hands feel all slender and feminine. No lobster hands, no spindly ice queen hand-sticks, just nice clean pretty fingers. So I love it, perhaps more than I should. :)

However, I actually don’t like wearing flat creme colour all over my nails. Especially when they’re a little longer, like here, they just look…. well, boring. So I dug out my Catherine Arley 676, a pale silver holographic polish. It’s quite sheer, so I’d been wondering for a while if it could work as a topcoat.

Ta-daaaaa! The result isn’t blindingly holographic, but I love it anyway! In shade it’s a shimmery lavender colour with just enough sparkle to make it interesting. In daylight, you’re rewarded with a soft, subtle sheen of rainbows every time you move your hands. Preeeeeetttttyyyy. (Sadly, I couldn’t capture the rainbows so well; stupid English temperamental sunlight. It’s a bit stronger than what you see in the second pic, but not by much.)

Hope you’re having a good weekend, everyone!


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