holy flamingo nails, batman!

{ amber; potter puppet pals }

It’s the weekend, which of course means nail painting time! Today le wifey brought along her lovely sister Amber, who had the fantastic idea of painting the Potter Puppet Pals onto her nails. And so, it was done. :D

I don’t have much more to say on this one really! Potter Puppet Pals are awesome, and if you haven’t already seen them, go look it up on YouTube!

Incidentally, Ron in the middle is definitely my favourite. I kinda want a manicure just full of Rons, haha. :D

Swatch list; Models Own Beach Party (Ron & Ginny’s hair), Models Own Hedonist (freckles, Voldemort’s eyes, tongues, Harry’s scar), Rimmel Black Out, Revlon White On White, No7 Pinky Pure (skintone), Nails Inc Basil Street (Snape’s skin), Mavala Elle Grey (Voldemort’s skin), 17 Tiger’s Eye (Hermione’s hair), Miss Sporty Sheer Tints 106 (Hermione’s blush), Rimmel Pompous (Dumbledore’s hat), China Glaze DV8 (butterfly), Catherine Arley 676 (pale silver holo dots around butterfly and in Dumbledore’s beard).


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